Freethinker test

Are you a freethinker?

Find out whether your opinions and ideas are shared and coverd by the Freethinkers Association of Switzerland.

  • I think that the ethical ideal to diminish the suffering in the world is not imposed by some deity but conceived and felt by humans.
  • I consider fairness the basic principle of behaviour.
  • I don’t fear neither authorities nor traditions, instead I follow reason.
  • I’m open to criticism, refuse any dogma and – with this reservation – stand up for my  convictions.
  • I enjoy my life knowing that most likley it is the only one I’ve got.
  • I consider evolution to be the most convincing explanation  for the descent of man.
  • I tolerate religious beliefs of others, as long as they are not opposed to the Declaration of Human Rights.
  • I believe that organised religion does more harm than good.
  • I wish the separation of state and church to be implemented in all Swiss cantons.
  • I’m not a member of any church or religious group.


1-3  Yes
You are an independent, skeptical person. If you decide to take a closer look at our association you might find even more points of agreement.

4-6  Yes
You differentiate a lot. People like you are important for the future of this country.

7-9  Yes
You’re a freethinker. Our association represents a lot of your ideas.

10  Yes
Why not join us? Welcome to our association!