There are many occasions throughout life to celebrate. For some of them you might have the feeling that it just isn’t enough to give a party. Although the traditional ceremonies of the churches have become meaningless for a lot of people, many hold on to them because they don’t see an alternative – but there is.

All cultures have developed special rites to highlight important events in the life of men and women, to be commemorated with families and friends. They are all about sharing joy and happiness as well as grief, encouraging each other to trust in life itself and in the power of love and compassion.

FAS celebrants

For those of us with no religious belief it’s important that we can mark these occasions with honesty, warmth and affection, using words and music that are personal and appropriate to the lives and the people involved.

FAS celebrants are available to help you find “your” ceremony. The ceremonies we conduct are unique and  made memorable by being personally tailored to each individual situation, with the wishes of the family taken fully into account. There will be no religious or esoteric references. The ceremony revolves entirely around the person or people being celebrated or commemorated. There are no special rules or procedures to be observed beyond basic legal requirements. Our celebrant will plan the ceremony you want, in close consultation with you to make sure it’s exactly what you and your family expect.

Our celebrants are trained and accredited by FAS and are committed to the FAS ethical rules.

Celebrants work independently.
Their fees vary for members and non-members.
Certain sections subsidize funerals for members.
An FAS ceremony may cost between sFr 500.- and 800.- plus expenses.

Interested to become an FAS accredited celebrant?

Please contact our office for  upcoming courses.


You want to organize your own ceremony? That’s great, just do it!

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