Ban genital mutilation!

Statement of FAS

concerning the parliamentary initiative „Ban genital mutilation“

YES to the ban
FAS welcomes a specific article in the Swiss penal code in order to ban and prosecute genital mutilatione on females.

Prison sentence is approved bei FAS.

Limitation of prosecution
FAS is suggesting unlimited prosecution analogus to the prosecution of sexual abuse in Switzerland.

Circumcision of minors is also a genital mutilation
FAS point out, that circumcision – no matter wether executed as an religigous or an cultural tradition – is also an genital mutilation that ist more an more criticized by medical doctors:
German: .

Any surgical intervention without a curative purpose on genitals of children is violating their integrity.
To punish only genital mutilation on female childern gives a wrong signal, even though the impacts of the two traditions are clearly different.

Freethinkers Association of Switzerland 15 June 2009


Surgery on intersexual babies without a clear medical indication – only to define their physical gender – should also be banned. It is violating the child’s fundamental right of integrity.


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