Leaving the church

A lot of people are still a member of a church or religious group although mentally they have left some time ago already. Sometimes it takes a personal experience, sometimes a chance to decide to taking the nessecary actions.

Every person has the right to leave the church with immediate effect!

General information

When moving to Switzerland you have to register with the community administration. On the respective form you can register “without confession”.

If you are already registered in Switzerland, send a registered letter to the local administration of your denomination. We recommend to send also a copy to the tax office or your community.

We offer standard letters in Switzerlands official languages: German, French and Italien. You find them on the respective pages.

NEW We offer a bilingual standard letter in English and German pdf  or doc.
NEW We offer a bilingual standard letter in English and French pdf  or doc.

Every adult person can leave and include children (<16 years old).

In some cantons there are specific rules, like e.g. a period of delay or a certified signature (Ct. St. Gallen) . We consider this a harassement, but the Swiss Federal Court has approved these conditions to prevent overhasty leaves.

Important for you: your leave will be effective - retrospectively – by the date of receipt of your letter.

For further information don’t hesitate to contact us.

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  1. Just to let you know that there is a community of faith that does not require that you leave your brain behind before you enter. We are the Unitarian-Universalists, a denomination with a long history stretching back to Michel Servet, an anti-trinitarian heretic, physician, and theologian, who was burned at the stake in Geneva in 1553 by Jean Calvin. We enjoy the company of thoughtful and tolerant atheists, agnostics, humanists, neopagans, Buddhists, liberal Christians, Jews, and Muslims and free thinkers of all persuasions. http://www.genevauu.org

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