Grossbritanien: “Majority of Britons are non-religious, social attitudes survey confirms”

Humanists UK -Newsletter vom July 2017:

The latest edition of the British Social Attitudes Survey confirms: 53% of Britons say they do not have a religion.
This significantly undermines claims of Prime Ministers past and present that we live in a ‘Christian country’, along with traditional justifications for things like 26 bishops voting in the House of Lords or the existence of religious schools which segregate our children and our communities.

Based on the results of the annual British Social Attitudes Survey, we made a clear call for a re-evaluation of the privileged place of religion in British public life.

Elsewhere, we had major successes. In Wales, the First Minister announced that Wales would join England and Scotland in funding abortion care for Northern Ireland women, making our campaign to help Northern Ireland women who travel to Britain for an abortion one of our most rapidly successful campaigns of recent years.

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